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Arnold & Son

The glorious history of the oldest luxury watches brand Arnold & Son began in the times when the wrist watches still did not exist. In 1764, the boy named John was born in a small English town Cornwall in the family of a watchman. Soon John Arnold became a famous and respectable person among the noble and honorable people in London.

Being a hard-working searcher of the engineering exercises, John Arnold made prominent steps in scientific research of those times. Close friendship between John Arnold and a well-known watchman Abraham-Louis Breguet helped both to find many answers for many miracles in the world of designer watches. Tourbillon was the mystical device that was invented and firstly installed by Abraham-Louis Breguet in the chronometer firstly assembled by John Arnold. 

Among thousands of high end watch designers in Great Britain, John Arnold was the first to assemble chronograph so helped the future high end watches industry to grow up. John Arnold, as many others living during that period in England, was inspired by sea. He implemented his knowledge in the sphere of luxury watches of those times. In 1764, he made his strategic decision to open his shop in the richest street in London that brought him popularity and fame. John Arnold started to produce his luxury watches made of gold. 

After having opened his shop in London, he found his own method for sea length calculation. It was a great advantage and challenge of that time, and it decreased the travel cost. The Royal Navy of England was supplied with chronographs of John Arnold, who arranged the work for many watchmen in the London area.

In 1799, John Arnold died, and his son Roger led the luxury watches business of the family and continued his father's traditions, leading the Arnold & Son watches company to prosperity. The famous watchman Edward John Dent joined the watch company to produce golden designer watches for the British navy, and luxury watches tradition of the family continued. In 1843, the company was bought by Charles Frodsham, a famous watchmaker and investor, who continued famous traditions of luxury watches of Sir John Arnold.

Today, the old and generous traditions of Arnold & Son luxury watches are still connected to the sea theme. High end watches of the "James Cook limited edition" collection are presented with three marvelous models, dedicated great marine explorations. In addition to that, the new "The landing at Botany Bay" model, made of gold and having a gorgeous painting of James Cook's portrait during his first visit to Australia, was one of the best masterpieces. The golden luxury watches of the "Discovery of Antarctica" collection evoke his second trip to Antarctica and New Zealand. "The Death in Hawaii" designer watches call us to Cook’s last travel. These high end watches are produced of 18 karat gold and come with a perpetual calendar, a leather strap, and automatic movement.

2010-2011 brought a new luxury watches collection that includes Mid Grand Complications and Grand Complications. The designer watches lovers will find the advanced high technology models and immaculate beautiful design in them. All the high end watches from the grand collection are equipped with complicated Tourbillon movement, worldwide hour, perpetual calendar, and other high-technology features.

The advanced technology, gallant design, and ancient traditions of Arnold & Son luxury watches surely will make any luxury watches collector happy. The innovative and advanced Arnold & Son luxury watches are available at 300watches.com. Feel the real English traditions by having high end watches of the oldest watches company in England. The Arnold & Son designer watches, equipped with modern technology of automatic and quartz movement, supply reliability and high accuracy.