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Armand Nicolet

In 1890, in a small Swiss town Tramelan, a young boy with a great future was born. His father was one of the ordinary watchmen in the town, one of many other watchmen in Switzerland. The boy, named Armand, showed a deep interest in engineering charts, and his father used his child's affection to engage the boy into family designer watches craft. The 20-years-old Armand, a talented apprentice, showed great results in the high end watches business, understood the principles of high quality watches production and assembly, and inherited the passion to luxury watches and future designer watches business from his father. Soon Armand became capable to manage all the family business, creating designer watches of the highest quality in his small town, growing more professional and famous. Later the Tramelan town developed much, having more than 150 watches companies and more than 800 watchmen. The Armand watches industry developed as well, knowing more about the design and technical features of the luxury watches. It was a time when the idea of high end watches arouse, bringing the concepts of high quality luxury watches, its design and accuracy. 

The Armand Nikole luxury watches put the major emphasis on the production of high quality and luxury watch models. His first high end watch was made of gold, and it was a pocket watch "Guilloche" equipped with a chronograph and a calendar.
After Armand Nikolet died in 1939, his son William continued the luxury watches business and kept all the father’s traditions. The main features of designer watches production remained and the watches for men and woman were available in his watch shops. The authentic quality high end watches were assembled of all kinds of materials, so the popularity of the Armand Nikolet brand expanded and grew. 

Continuing the passion of Armand Nikolet, the factory engineers made a huge step forward in inventing and improving the accuracy of luxury watches. The Venus movement was implemented in the mechanisms of the Armand Nikolet designer watches. It was a genius discovery of the people who dedicated their mastership to watch production in the Armand Nikolet watches factory. Another patented breakthrough of the Armand Nikolet workers was its famous Adjuster that made it possible to regulate the high end watch without opening it. Armand Nikolet was a really innovative company among other luxury watches brands of the middle of XX century. 

Arman Nikolet luxury watches collection consists of three product lines: Hunter, Arc Royal, and Sloop Royal. All these high end watches are mechanicals inside and have features and attributes of a luxury watches: chronograph, adjuster, etc. All designer watches are performed according to very high accuracy and technological standards. Every model in the Armand Nikolet watches catalogue is available for ladies and men. Luxury watches are created in gold as well as in high-quality stainless steel.
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