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The luxury watches company Alpina started its glorious history at the end of the nineteenth century by completing the watches mechanisms for other high end watches brands. The fast growing experience and passion of its workers to the luxury watches caused the bearing of the separate high end watches company in 1901. A young and ambitious watchman Gottlieb Hauser from a Swedish town Winterthur managed to organize the "Corporation d'Horlogers Suisse", and that was the beginning of the path to prominence and prosperity. Mechanisms and devices for luxury branded watches were assembled in the Alpina Ebauche factory, Genova. The last breath of the production line was in Bienne, Switzerland. 

It was the high end watch masterpieces that satisfied rich and wealthy connoisseurs of those times. The concept of the expensive luxury watches was successfully released from the very beginning of the Alpina high end watches brand. All efforts and skills were concentrated on the production of designer watches made of high quality components inside: heavy gold watch bodies and golden screws made the watches strong and unbreakable. Only people with a deep understanding could evaluate the accuracy and reliability of those branded watches. 

The growth and respect rose so fast that the Alpina launched new affiliates in other cities like Geneve, Besansone, and Glashutte. In 1913, even the German navy used the Alpina watches. 

WWI influenced the business of Alpina watches, and the factory has crumbled. It was the beginning of the sharp turns in the Alpina watches production story. At that period, separate members of the Alpina watches industry united to form a new "Association des Hologers Suisses" organization, and after the war, the world saw the new Alpina watches company. Success of the new branded watches was brilliant, went on, and the luxury watches company immediately expanded outside Europe. 

In 1929, the Alpina watch brand merged with the American brand Gruen from Cincinnati, USA, and continued its successful spread in the American market. The new watches brand "Alpina Gruen Gilde SA" appeared as a result of this successful combination.
In 1933, the Alpina watches brand launched a new concept of its philosophy and redirected its watchmaking efforts to sports watches production. That same year, the Alpina watches demonstrated its completely new luxury watch model "Blockuhr", the watch's case made of steel and continuing its unbreakable feature of duration. Just five years later Alpina issued the renewed model named "Alpina 4", showing its audacious points in four main characteristics: anti-magnetic property, water resistance, anti-shock system Incabloc, and the strongest steel case. Later, in 2009, Alpina was involved into the world-famous continuously-operating Sebring Raceway held in Florida, USA, showing Swiss durability and strength to all high end watch connoisseurs in America.

The history of the Alpina watches brand is too curved and unpredictable, so this adds particular charm to its success story. In 1972, the Swiss shares of the Alpina brand were obtained by Germans, and Alpina was renamed to "Alpina Watch International SA". However, it continued cooperation with active sports events. Moreover, the Alpina watches company produces some attractive ladies watches also. The famous and popular Alpina sports women's watches attract the ladies by their sapphire crystal, water resistance, and some developed features like luminosity. 

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