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What Can a Luxury Watch Tell about You?

By looking at the way a person dresses, chooses clothing and accessories, how he or she speaks and behaves, one can tell much about the kind of person he or she is. The same can be said about watches; in the abundance of luxury watch styles and models available in the market, the way you choose the one to embellish your image is a very eloquent indicator of your nature and character. Do you want to know what others may tell about you by looking at your watch?

Contemporary or Eternal? 

The world of luxury watches also has trends, and the way you choose watches may say whether you are a fashionmonger or a conservative person sticking to classics. Among watches that never lose their impact and popularity, you can see Rolex, Girard Perregaux, Piaget, Patek Philippe, etc. Those buying an IWC watch, for instance, may be called true watch connoisseurs, since this brand has a whole cult around it. While Rolex is a very intensely advertised brand and you know that buying one will definitely get you into the club of luxury watch owners, buying an IWC watch is more than an investment – it is a style and taste statement.

Brands with a Character

It is also possible to say much about owners of watches belonging to a specific luxury brand. This is so because each exclusive brand has already established a certain reputation and brand identity for decades, if not centuries, or its existence. Thus, if you are a holder of a Rolex or a Patek Philippe watch, then you definitely share some of the philosophies and values that this brand cherishes. If not, why then spend a couple of dozens of thousands bucks on this timepiece? Let’s dwell on several brands briefly.

Rolex watches are mostly appreciated and selected by men and women with a classical taste and high appreciation of traditions. The brand with over 100 years of history is a statement of status and style in itself.

Patek Philippe
If you wear a Patek Philippe watch, then you’re definitely rich! This brand offers some of the most expensive but elegant and innovative luxury watches.

What about a Hublot watch owner? He or she is surely a modern, stylish, and active person. Hence, Hublot watch models are more popular among young active people; such an image was created through Hublot’s attraction of numerous young athletes as the brand’s ambassadors.