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Most Expensive Vintage Watches that Any Collector Will Envy

There are many different luxury watch brands in the world: some of them are rather young, others have great histories. Therefore, there is a great number of people who collect high-end luxury watches by these brands during their entire lives. Although fine watches are very valuable and not so many people can afford them, it is always topical to dream about new items.

Here are the most overpriced vintage timepieces:
1. Patek Phillipe.
This is one of the most famous luxury watch brands in the world. Many collectors all over the world, including such celebrities as Brad Pitt and Silvester Stallone, are eager to have the timepieces by this brand in their collections. For example, Patek Philippe Henry Graves Super complication presented in 1943 is considered the most expensive vintage pocket watch. This luxury watch has a 74mm 18 karat gold case with such additional functions as a perpetual calendar, days of the month and week, stars chart, time of sunset and sunrise, etc.
2. Omega.
Today this brand of high-end luxury watches is known for its jewelry watches and jewelry as well. However, even in the past century, Omega was known for its luxury models. For example, Omega Prototype Tourbillon dated 1943 was sold at an auction for $1,434,642 due to its plain design and one of the best tourbillions in the world, which is still a sample for other watchmakers.
3. Rolex.
It is very difficult to imagine the list of vintage watches by luxury watch brands without Rolex. Rolex watches are the most desirable timepieces for any collector. For example, Rolex “Big Blue” with its 18-karat yellow gold case and a contrast blue dial with three additional small dials and a chronograph is the most expensive model by Rolex because it was recently sold at an auction for $554,875.
4. Breguet.
Grande Marie-Antoinette by Breguet is considered one of the best high-end luxury watches in the world, and the most valuable as well. This timepiece has a self-winding mechanism, jumping hour, the equation of time, reserve indicator, minute repeater, and even a bimetallic thermometer. The mechanism of this watch is unique due to the number of details – 823 – that makes it one of the most difficult timepieces in the world as well.

These models by well-known luxury watch brands are considered the most expensive and desirable watches in the world. Thus, you may dream of getting them to your vintage watch collection if you have one!