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Tips for Shipping Fine Watches Internationally

Whenever it comes time to shipping your possessions, the most minuscule and yet delicate items come across as a real pain in the neck. For example, shipping fine watches is never a trivial process and thereby should be handled with patience and care. Below, we are sharing a couple of handy tips that will definitely help if your goal is to end up having an entirely functional and undamaged timepiece.

Tips for shipping fine watches safely
First of all, you need to decide on what type of delivery you are going to opt for. The option of shipping luxury watches may be provided by the manufacturers. If not, it is highly recommended that you opt for a hand-to-hand delivery service provided by professional shipping companies. Here are several tips that will facilitate the process of shipping and make it much safer.

1. Get enough boxes
If you choose courier delivery service only, most likely you will need to prepare your watch for the transportation yourself. Take two or even three boxes so that you could put one inside the other. Also, try to find original packaging with original cushioning material. It will make things easier at step 2.

2. Soften the package
Original packaging works here the best. If you did not manage to find it, there is another way. Bubble wrap would be a great substitution and a reliable material to make the package safer.

3. Seal it
Secure the package with packing tape to make it seamless. Labeling is optional and depends on the situation you are in. However, it is still required that you label your package with ‘Fragile’ and other appropriate signs.

Shipping with professionals
Professional packaging has a lot of benefits as compared to the DIY option. By shipping fine watches with experienced shippers, you not only get the best service and shipping insurance but also know that your luxury watch is at capable hands. We recommend choosing professionals, especially when you deal with unique and very expensive models.