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Smart Watches by Apple vs. Luxury Watch Brands

Collectors from all over the world are dreaming to have high-end luxury watches by famous brands. Although everybody knows that the best watches are created in limited series by hands of experienced craftsmen, modern companies try to invade the market of the watchmaking industry. For example, Apple with their Smart Watches wants to become competitors to different luxury watch brands like Rolex, Omega, IWC, and others.

However, here are some reasons that can explain why Apple has failed in this fight with reputable luxury watch brands:

Although Apple is considered the company known for the high quality of its technical devices like smartphones, laptops, etc., it doesn’t mean that it can release watches with the best accuracy. However, the craftsmen of the classic watchmaking industry always try to improve clock mechanisms somehow. Otherwise, there would be no exhibitions like Salon International Haute Horlogerie in Geneva or Basel World where luxury watch brands can demonstrate their new models.

Apple is known due to its plain and simple design, which has a lot of fans all over the world. Certainly, some models of Smart Watch by Apple can become good samples in someone’s collection. However, high-end luxury watches of different brands are known due to their unique designs because they were released in limited series. Therefore, they are considered more valuable for collectors than Apple’s samples.

Apple is considered a company with high standards. However, some giants of the watchmaking industry such as Ebel, Omega, Rolex, Patek Phillipe, and others have histories that date back more than one century. In addition, most of modern luxury watch brands started as a family-run business, and the secrets of craftsmanship were passed on from generation to generation. Therefore, great history and nice traditions are considered more respectable than the history of Apple.

This point is extremely important for many collectors. Although Apple has a wide range of products with different price categories, high-end luxury watches are very expensive. However, it is not the reason to refuse them due to high price. In general, there are people who prefer Apple due to price, and people who prefer the watchmaking brands due to quality. Therefore, both sides have many fans, and this situation is quite natural.

Although Apple’s invasion of the watchmaking market has failed, it doesn’t mean that the quality of Apple’s products is low. Just tastes differ!