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What’s New for Ladies in the Luxury Watches World?

Luxury watches for female timepiece connoisseurs represent a separate caste of opulent timekeeping devices. Branded models for the better half usually boast exceptional designs and high precision; thus, sometimes, it is a challenging task to choose top ladies luxury watches – however, we have done it more than once. With the development of watchmaking techniques and the world of Haute Horlogerie on the whole, a decent number of world-known manufacturers have begun to design ever more astonishing novelties.

2019 has already proven to be fruitful in terms of new gorgeous luxury watches for ladies. We are going to review today two of them - Chopard and Harry Winston. Both brands have gladdened their followers with impeccable replenishments of their product lines.

Harry Winston Premier Precious Peacock Automatic 36mm

One of the remarkable novelties of 2019 presented by Harry Winston is the Premier Precious Peacock Automatic model. Thanks to the fine old art of glass micro mosaic, luxurious peacocks come to life on the dials of these majestic timepieces.

The luxury watch comes in a white or rose gold case. The silhouette of a peacock on the dial is executed in yellow gold with colorful glass mosaic with 152 classic-cut shiny diamonds. The white-gold version is complemented by a dial made in blue-green tones, while the eyes on peacock feathers are marked with eight blue sapphires. A more feminine timekeeping device in rose gold features a dial executed in pink and crimson shades. The rubies of classic cut are used to depict the peacock feather’s eyes. By playing with different tones within a given color scheme and placing pieces of glass of various shapes at different angles, Harry Winston’s masters create an extraordinary sense of movement. Fifty-seven sparkling gems on the bezel, five cone-shaped stones on the lugs, and a screw-down crown complete the fabulous appearance of this wristwatch.

Caliber HW2008 guarantees the flawless operation of this model. It is a Swiss-made automatic mechanism equipped with a silicon balance spiral and a 72-hour power reserve. Both versions of this jewelry timepiece from Harry Winston were released in a limited edition of 30 copies.

Chopard L’Heure du Diamant

Indeed, luxury watches for women frequently stand out because of their exquisite, intricate designs. For instance, the legendary Swiss manufacturer Chopard has recently added three models to its series of women luxury watches called L’heure du Diamant.

The highlight of these refined timekeeping devices is the dial produced from natural minerals – opal, malachite, and lapis lazuli. The stones are lodged in the “crown” of sparkling diamonds set on a bezel. The round-shaped cases are manufactured of white gold. In the core of each L’heure du Diamant timepiece lies a branded caliber Chopard 09.01-C equipped with an automatic self-winding movement.

Photo courtesy of Harry Winston and Chopard