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Have You Already Picked Your Favorite Luxury Watch from the New Hublot Collection?

As we all know, style, luxury and prestige go hand in hand with luxury accessories, and having prestige watches on your wrist will always add to your confidence and status. Hublot watches have been supporting the images of the greatest people of this world for many years, but luxury is becoming more accessible, and now you don’t have to be the Jamaican President or an American sports celebrity to wear Hublot luxury watches. It is enough to have a fair sum of money and a passion for high-end watches, a little bit of perseverance, and obviously a good taste for high-end watches! Since the 1980s, the Hublot trademark has been surprising us with a number of original models, each reflecting the company’s delicate style and boldness in solutions, a daring mix of technology and classics, so you may find a great number of items suiting your sophisticated taste in luxury watches. However, what if you are rich, and want to have some brand new model, something that everybody will boast about, and something distinguishing you from the crowd of Hublot owners? Sure, the answer is clear – NEW COLLECTION.

We have great news for you – Hublot is relentlessly working on impressing you every day with new members of the Hublot family of prestige watches, so there are always some hot novelties you can buy to impress everyone around you. Among the latest models, our favorites are obviously the joyful, colorful Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde models. We are sure that they will leave no true fan of luxury watches indifferent, as they are very playful and fun, but at the same time retaining all classical features of Hublot style and high fashion. One of the models is made of black ceramic, with the black PVD titanium and carbon strap, while a more posh variant of this model has a case made of 18k King gold. However, the most interesting feature of these watches is not the case – these two models have a funny and eye-catching dial and hands colored in yellow, green, and red. Such a vivid image of the deluxe Hublot watch will obviously attract attention, and will make you the hotspot of every party!

However, even paying tribute to the beauty and originality of the Unico Bi-Retrograde watches, we cannot help noting that there is one indisputable champion of Hublot’s new collection – an item that every fan of luxury watches, and of football, would like to have. It is the Hublot Classic Fusion Pele Limited 500 – a stylish black watch impressing by its laconic elegance. This model was developed in collaboration with the Brazilian football legend Pele, and was presented for the first time in the Rio de Janeiro luxury watch boutique. The traditional skeletonized dial of the watch is perfectly suited to black and yellow hands, while the football ball-like chronograph and strap will leave no football fan indifferent. It is a masterpiece that we advise everyone, even if not to buy, then at least to admire.