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Baselworld — World’s Leading Luxury Watch and Jewelry Show

The vibrant luxury watch and jewelry world is full of extraordinary and colorful phenomena. Lovers of posh accessories and luxury watches have a wide selection of events to pick from every year, and yet there are only a few global occasions commensurate with Baselworld, one of the most prosperous and outstanding trade shows in the world. What does make Baselworld an epicenter of luxury culture, and how does it attract over 80,000 visitors each year? Let’s find this out!

Baselworld: the most anticipated luxury watch and jewelry show

Baselworld has been in the business since 2003, but its origin dates back to 1917. Thanks to the century-long traditions and assiduous work, today, the show comes across as a topmost experience for hundreds of thousands of people. Annually, this notable platform in Basel, Switzerland gathers the leading and most prestigious brands to showcase their high-end creations to the delightfully varied public from all over the globe.

Baselworld focuses on branded watches, exclusive jewelry, precious gems, and other related industries. Each spring, about 2,100 exhibitors present their artistic tour de force to passionate buyers and celebrated critics, making the whole show a unique ground for sharing high art and experience. Under the tutelage of Michel Loris-Melikoff, Baselworld’s Managing Director, this luxury watch and jewelry show has already achieved unexpected heights. Baselworld continues to hold a course for introducing new ideas and establishing a better experience for buyers and visitors.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 and 2021 editions of Baselworld were canceled and postponed for the time being. However, dedicated fans of luxury jewelry and high-end watches should not lose heart as the organizers have announced that now they are working on a new digital global platform that will allow them to bring new zest to the whole industry. Only time will tell us whether they will succeed in it or not. All that remains for us is to keep fingers crossed.