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Best Affordable Vintage Watches to Start a Collection

Collectors from all over the world are eager to have more high-end luxury watches in their collections. Although many samples of luxury watch brands are very expensive and unavailable for ordinary people due to the high price, it doesn’t mean that one cannot start his/her own collection of vintage watches.

Here are some samples that may become a good basis for your collection:


Today Omega is considered one of luxury watch brands that specialize in the sphere of jewelry watches. Some celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Garner even prefer their watches and jewelry for Oscar’s 2018 red carpet. However, it is still possible to find some vintage models of this brand. For example, such series as the Constellation, the De Ville, the Speedmaster, and the Seamaster released in 1970-1980’s are affordable for collectors because the price of these fine watches is under $1000.

TAG Heuer

It is another luxury watch brand the history of which started in 1860. This company had a rich history and changed the owners several times so that today it is a part of the LVMH luxury group. However, experienced collectors know that it is possible to find the 4000 Automatic – the model released in the very beginning of the 1990s with water resistance up to 200 meters – with the price about $650-700.


Although Seiko is a Japanese watchmaking company, the high quality of its timepieces makes this brand for each collection. In addition, the prices for the watches by Seiko are considered very affordable. So, if you are an inexperienced collector with a meager budget, you can start from this very line.


Breitling is one of luxury watch brands with a very rich history that takes its root 1884. Today this company has a great reputation and is known due to high quality and original design. The best samples by Breitling are evaluated in thousands of dollars; however, it is still possible to find some cheap models of 60-70’s under $500-800.


Tissot is a luxury watch brand from Switzerland. The combination of high quality and plain design makes these watches recognizable all over the world. However, it is still possible to find the watches by Tissot, for example, Tissot Visodate which were released in 1950’s at a very nice price under $500.

So, these vintage timepieces can become a good basis for your future collection of high-end luxury watches.