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Best Ladies Watches As A Christmas Gift

Posted: 18 December, 2014

  Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to show your beloved woman how special she is and certainly to present her an exceptional gift. Here are a few models of luxury watches that, without…

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How to Find Good Second-hand Luxury Watches

Posted: 17 December, 2014

Finding a second-hand watch that’s in good working condition and has a pristine appearance is akin to finding buried treasure: you need time, patience, and a bit of luck to be able to strike…

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The Romain Jerome Liberty DNA Watch – A Statement for Freedom

Posted: 13 December, 2014

When it comes to the great monuments in the world, one of the most well-known and iconic is the Statue of Liberty. Indeed, one cannot think of the bright lights and life of New York without thinking…

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Romain Jerome Designer Watches - Artifacts on Your Wrist

Posted: 12 December, 2014

Models created by the Romain Jerome luxury watch brand are perhaps the most unusual timepieces ever produced. They are distinguished not only by the shape or unexpected design, but also by the used…

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