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Revolution in Time Tracking - Christophe Claret X-Trem-1 Chocolate Watch

Posted: 23 July, 2014

Though the classical traditions of luxury watchmaking are rarely challenges by modern designers preferring to keep in tune with the conventions of luxury watches’ production, there are some bold…

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Celebrate This Summer with Abundance of Colors – Try the JeanRichard Terrascope Aluminum Watch!

Posted: 14 July, 2014

Luxury watch design is usually focused on elegance and style, with some extravagance included only in cases these intricate details can underline the individuality of luxury watches’ owners.…

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The Romain Jerome Moon Dust DNA Sparkling Gold Mood 18k Diamond Watch: Do the Moonwalk

Posted: 12 July, 2014

Have you ever looked up at the moon and wondered what it would be like to walk on its surface? Have you ever wished to be able to join the ranks of men such as Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz”…

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The Romain Jerome Capsules Spacecraft Titanium PVD Watch: Be Your Own Astronaut

Posted: 10 July, 2014

Ever since the space race in the 1960’s, the notion of being an astronaut has always been one of those “dream jobs” that many men want to have because of its notion of privilege and…

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