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300watches high end luxury watches.



White is Fashionable on Labor Day – Luxury Watches for Fashionable Men Specially for this Occasion!

Posted: 24 August, 2014

The Labor Day is coming, and this holiday may be called a special occasion for everyone who has ever worked, both manually and intellectually, though it is surely more of a tribute to the manual labor…

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Michael Kors – Half a Century of Brand’s Success

Posted: 19 August, 2014

You may hardly find a person in the world of contemporary fashion who does not know who Michael Kors is. This prominent designer was born in New York in 1959. Michael Kors obviously had a solid background…

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Is Apple’s ‘iWatch’ Going to Make Any Waves?

Posted: 19 August, 2014

Apple’s iWatch has been in news for around a decade now. Industry insiders have been predicting its arrival for many years now. Some graphic designers and animators have been creating images…

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Blue is the Top Fashion Color This year – Buy Blue Watches Online!

Posted: 14 August, 2014

Blue has always been considered a very gentle, aristocratic color, especially its deep-blue, aquamarine shades are of current interest for fashion-savvy fans of luxury watches. so, can you now buy…

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